Class Location Course Code Course Name Semester
Online SURV699A Ethical Consideration for Data Science Research Fall 2021
Online SURV667 Introduction to Record Linkage with Big Data Applications Summer 2021
Online SURV665 Introduction to Real World Data Management Summer 2021
Online SURV730 Measurement Error Models Summer 2021
Online SURV673 Introduction to Python and SQL Summer 2021
Online SURV699M Review of Statistical Concepts Summer 2021
Online SURV624 Privacy Law Summer 2021
Online SURV752 Introduction to Data Visualization Summer 2021
Online SURV735 Data Confidentiality and Statistical Disclosure Control Spring 2021
Online SURV742 Inference from Complex Surveys Spring 2021
Online SURV400 Fundamentals of Survey and Data Science Spring 2021
Online SURV751 Introduction to Big Data and Machine Learning Spring 2021
Online SURV772 Survey Design Seminar Spring 2021
Online SURV410 Introduction to Probability Theory Spring 2021
Online SURV798B Advanced Topics in Survey Methodology; Small Area Estimation Spring 2021
Online SURV616 Statistical Modeling II Spring 2021
Online SURV829 Doctoral Research Seminar in Survey Methodology Spring 2021
Online SURV440 Sampling Theory Spring 2021
SURV898 Pre-Candidacy Research Spring 2021
Online SURV622 Fundamentals of Data Collection II Spring 2021
SURV899 Doctoral Dissertation Research Spring 2021
Online SURV630 Questionnaire Design and Evaluation Spring 2021
Online SURV631 Questionnaire Design Spring 2021
Online SURV635 Usability Testing for Survey Research Spring 2021
Online SURV699 Special Topics in Survey Methodology; Readings in Survey Methodology Spring 2021