Class Location Course Code Course Name Semester
Online SURV735 Data Confidentiality and Statistical Disclosure Control Spring 2020
Online SURV631 Questionnaire Design Spring 2020
Online SURV751 Introduction to Big Data and Machine Learning Spring 2020
Online SURV699Q Web Survey Methodology Spring 2020
Online SURV752 Introduction to Data Visualization Spring 2020
Online SURV635 Usability Testing for Survey Research Spring 2020
Online SURV699J Special Topics in Survey Methodology; General Linear Models (G.L.M) Spring 2020
Online SURV704 Computer-Based Content Analysis II Spring 2020
Online SURV726 Multiple Imputation Spring 2020
Online SURV400 Fundamentals of Survey and Data Science Fall 2019
Online SURV699T Special Topics in Survey Methodology; Practical Tools II (for Weighting) Fall 2019
Onsite SURV650 Economic Measurement Fall 2019
Onsite SURV829 Doctoral Research Seminar in Survey Methodology Fall 2019
Online SURV626 Sampling Fall 2019
Onsite SURV617 Applications of Statistical Modeling Fall 2019
Onsite SURV621 Fundamentals of Data Collection I Fall 2019
Onsite SURV410 Introduction to Probability Theory Fall 2019
Onsite SURV699Z Special Topics in Survey Methodology; Applied Data Analytics Fall 2019
Onsite SURV699L Special Topics in Survey Methodology; Statistical Data Integration Fall 2019
Onsite SURV699U Special Topics in Survey Methodology; Machine Learning for Social Science Fall 2019
Onsite SURV745 Practical Tools for Sampling and Weighting Fall 2019
Onsite SURV720 Total Survey Error and Data Quality I Fall 2019
Online SURV624 Privacy Law Fall 2019
Onsite SURV727 Fundamentals of Computing and Data Display Fall 2019
Onsite SURV740 Fundamentals of Inference Fall 2019