Special Topics in Survey Methodology; Applied Data Analytics

Fall 2019



The public sector has entered a new era where technology is providing innovative forms of data never seen before. These data, combined with traditional survey and administrative data, provide a rich resource for data-driven decisions in public policy and the public sector. The course is a first-of-its-kind program to train students and working professionals jointly and to give them an opportunity to develop the key computer science and data science skill sets necessary to harness the wealth of newly-available data and to creatively address real civic problems. The program's design offers hands-on training in the context of real challenges facing the sector, by providing direct collaboration among government agencies and students in the program. The results of project collaborations become part of a broader, shared and open analytics platform to create a sustainable ecosystem of information sharing in this growing area of research. Skills learned as part of the project work are SQL, Python, Record Linkage, Database Management, use of APIs, Web Scraping, Basic Machine Learning, Text Analysis, Analysis of Network and Geospatial data, Inference, Privacy and Ethics.