SURV699R-Special Topics in Survey Methodology: Redesigning Gallup Pre-election Polling




This seminar will allow students to participate in a real-time experiment that is part of a broad review and redesign of the Gallup pre-election polling work. Currently, the Gallup Organization is going through a thorough review of its methods for conducting such polls, starting with sample design and continuing through sample administration and management, weighting, questionnaire design, and likely voter methodology. The review will inform a series of experiments to be designed and fielded in conjunction with a 2013 gubernatorial election in New Jersey or Virginia. In this seminar, students will be exposed to the literature that informs all of these decisions as well as members of an advisory committee assisting Gallup with the review. They will be able to contribute to the design and analyze the resulting data. This should provide material for papers to be presented at AAPOR or MAPOR in 2014.