Event Date and Time

As a part of UMD Year of Data Science initiative, this workshop, March 30 - April 3, aims at strengthening multidisciplinary research to answer various substantive important research questions that arise at granular levels by extracting relevant information from multiple structured and unstructured databases.    The workshop will serve as a bridge among statisticians, survey methodologists, engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists, and others interested in combining information from multiple databases in developing reliable inferences at granular levels.

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Organizers:  Partha Lahiri, Joint Program in Survey Methodology & Department of Mathematics, plahiri [at] umd [dot] edu

                     Cinzia Cirillo, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, ccirillo [at] umd [dot] edu


Sponsors:  University of Maryland College Park

                  Office of the Provost, University of Maryland College Park

                  Maryland Transportation Institute (MTI), University of Maryland College Park

                  Joint Program in Survey Methodology (JPSM)

                  Department of Mathematics, University of Maryland College Park

                  United Nations Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific


Researchers from the following external agencies, organizations and universities will actively participate in the workshop:

  • Census Bureau

  • Department of Energy 

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics

  • HydroQuebec, Canada

  • Indian Statistical Institute

  • Italian National Institute of Statistics  

  • The National Center for Health Statistics

  • National Cancer Institute

  • National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture

  • University of Calcutta, India

  • University of Montreal, Canada

  • University of Pisa, Italy

  • University of Trier, Germany

  • The World Bank