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Lauren Kennedy

­Monash University

Lauren Kennedy is a lecturer in the Econometrics and Business Statistics department at Monash University. She works on applied statistical problems in the social sciences using primarily Bayesian methodology. Her most recent work is with survey data, particularly the use of model and poststratify methods to make population and subpopulation predictions. 


Using Sex and Gender in Survey adjustment
Accounting for sex and gender characteristics is a complex, structural challenge in social science research. While other methodology papers consider issues surrounding appropriate measurement, we consider how gender and sex impact adjustments for non-response patterns in sampling and survey estimates. We consider the problem of survey adjustment arising from the recent push toward measuring sex or gender as a non-binary construct. This is challenging not only in that response categories differ between sex and gender measurement, but also in that both of these attributes are multidimensional. In this talk I will reflect on the different statistical options available to us and the ethical implications of each.


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