Event Date and Time

Presenters: Lauren Walton, Hani Zainulbhai

Authors: Lauren Walton, Hani Zainulbhai, Leah Christian

Mixed-mode contact and recruitment approaches have become increasingly critical in reaching people to participate in surveys and research panels and improving their likelihood of response and often, the representation of the sample, bringing in groups more traditionally underrepresented. Nielsen has designed a phased sequential multi-mode methodology to recruit homes through a combination of web, phone and in-person/proximity methods for its core TV panels that have relied exclusively on in-person recruitment.  This work has been accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nielsen will present the results of a “push to web” recruitment test conducted in five markets from October 2020 to January 2021. In this test, sample was selected using a multi-stage area probability design and invitations were mailed to prospective panelists to direct them to complete a registration survey for initial recruitment into the panel online.  Nielsen will present the test design and results, including cooperation and response rates, number of completes per mailed invitation, market level differences, and informative paradata. 


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JPSM/MPSM Seminar Series