Event Date and Time
1218 LeFrak Hall, UMD.

AmeriSpeak® is a probability-based, mixed-mode panel of US households available to researchers who rely on having accurate, trustworthy data for their studies. Since its founding by NORC at the University of Chicago in 2015, AmeriSpeak has produced more than 300 surveys, been cited by dozens of media outlets and academic publications, and become the primary survey partner of the nation's preeminent news service, The Associated Press. Dr. Dennis, Executive Director of AmeriSpeak, and Dr. Dutwin, Past President of AAPOR and Chief Scientist of AmeriSpeak, will describe how NORC built the AmeriSpeak Panel to provide reliable data to researchers. They will focus on AmeriSpeak’s innovative sampling and methodology techniques that rely on face-to-face interviewing for converting non-responders at the panel recruitment stage. These techniques help capture a more complete picture of America, providing representation for hard-to-reach populations, including low-income households, less educated persons, young adults, rural households, persons who are less interested in the news, and social and political conservatives. The seminar will also include the results of recent empirical evaluations of the TrueNorth calibration approach for combining and weighting probability and non-probability, opt-in online samples. The seminar will conclude with an explanation of how researchers can access the AmeriSpeak Panel at no cost, via the Time-Sharing Experiments for the Social Sciences (TESS), a program funded by the National Science Foundation.

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