Event Date and Time


September 28, 2020  2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Social Data Science and Health

A panel discussion with presentations on “Ubiquitous Data Collection: Self-Tracking with Mobile, Wearable, and Embedded Devices” and “Social Data Science and Health: A Geospatial Perspective” as well as an overview of work by research scientists at Facebook will cover big complex issues involving health. 


Kathleen Stewart, Director Center for Geospatial Information (CGIS), UMD

Eun Kyung Choe, Associate Professor, College of Information Sciences Doctoral Program Director, ISchool.

Katherine Morris, Research Scientist, Demography and Survey Science, Facebook

Sarah LaRocca, Research Scientist, Demography and Survey Science, Facebook

Moderated by Kim Nickerson, Assistant Dean, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, UMD

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