The JPSM Flat Tuition Rate is $1142/credit. (0101 and PCA1)
The technology fee is $76.50 for courses held at another location other than campus (SV01 sections).
The Distance Learning Student Service Fee for ONLINE courses (PLS1, PLS2, etc. sections) is $153 for 9 or more credits and 76.50 for 8 or less credits. Click here for more info
For courses held at JPSM (0101, 0201 sections), the total for fees follow the UMD standard fees:   
JPSM Flat Tuition Rate for Federal Employees
JPSM offers a flat rate tuition of $1142/credit. This replaces the standard in-state and out of state tuition rates listed by the University. This rate is effective regardless of MD residency and submission of in-state tuition requests to JPSM will no longer be necessary.
JPSM Tuition for GRAs
Students funded as UMD GRAs with tuition covered by their department will not be asked to pay out-of-pocket tuition expenses, regardless of the tuition rate. Apply for JPSM Differential Tuition Waiver here: Waiver form link. Your bill will be adjusted to reflect the standard UMD in-state tuition rate for JPSM/SURV courses.

*We do not process retroactive tuition waivers. The request you are submitting must be for the current semester.

Mandatory Fees
Mandatory fees are at graduate rates approved by the Board of Regents for programs conducted at College Park.  
Offsite and Online program students pay the standard technology fee but do not pay the standard auxiliary fees.