Graduation Requirements

Comprehensive Examination

When the student has completed the planned course of study, the Examination Committee will craft a comprehensive examination tailored to the student's particular course of study. The examination will be a thorough measurement of the student's knowledge in the theories and methods of the chosen area of study.


After successful completion of the comprehensive examinations, the student with the ongoing guidance of the dissertation committee, will propose and conduct dissertation research, leading to an original scholarly contribution. At least twelve credit hours of dissertation research are required. The dissertation will involve the creation of new knowledge in the field of survey methodology, demonstrating that the student has mastered the research skills necessary for a career in advanced research.

Residency Requirement

All PhD students at JPSM must fulfill a residency requirement. This consists of spending at least two days per week at JPSM for a period of three semesters after the student has passed the qualifying exam.

Additional Documents