As public and private organizations are increasingly combining various data sources, including survey data, for the purpose of decision making, the need for professional development in data generation, quality and analysis is on the rise. The online Master of Professional Studies in Survey and Data Science, will provide post-baccalaureate training for individuals interested in broadening their knowledge and understanding of the emerging field of data science, the conduct of sample surveys, practical applications of data analysis and survey methodology, and data management, along with the skills needed to communicate results.

The learning format:

Online:  The online environment is convenient for working professionals who cannot easily travel to a traditional campus. Like our Certificate programs, online lectures are prerecorded and accessed on a weekly basis from the course website. At a designated time each week, students will meet online as a class, along with the instructor, to discuss material. All courses require students to have a webcam, headset with a microphone, and have a reliable computer and Internet access. 

Schedule of courses:  The online program follows the semester calendar.  Most courses are intentionally designed to be 1 or 2 credits so that students can more easily fit them into their schedules as well as build on top of introductory courses in a modular way.  In the case of a 1-credit course, there are 4 units/weeks; a 2-credit course is 8 units/weeks, and a 3-credit course will run for 12 units/weeks.

International:  This program is unique because of its international reach. Courses are shared with our international partners, providing a rich perspective to class discussions.


To achieve the Master of Professional Studies in Survey and Data Science, students must complete 30 credits of coursework from the online courses offered. Of these 30 credits, 19 credits are from core courses and 11 credits are from electives.

For the core coursework, students will follow a course of study with 5 areas of focus: Research Question, Data Generating Process, Data Curation/Storage, Data Analysis, and Data Output/Access. From each area, students must complete a designated number of credits (noted in the table below) that comprise the 19 core credits for the degree. There is some flexibility within each area to choose courses of interest. The first course a student should take is SURV400: Fundamentals of Survey and Data Science which is the only required course for the MPS degree program. This course will provide a broad overview for the rest of the material but also serves as a prerequisite for many of the other courses. 

Additional courses are offered beyond the ones noted in the table.  See the "Course Offerings" section of our website for a full list.

Courses _MPSDS

Please apply through the Graduate School at the University of Maryland. (  Under the list of all programs, scroll to find "Survey and Data Science" which is the MPDS online degree. This page will provide information about the application procedure.

MPDS program is 30 credits.  Course credits are charged at a flat rate of $1125 per credit.

An example of tuition and fees if the MPDS is followed during the course of 2 years:

Semester   Course Credits   Tuition     Fees       Totals
Application   $0 $75 $75
Fall 1 6 $6,750 $100.00 $6,850.00
Spring 1 6 $6,750 $100.00 $6,850.00
Summer 1 3 $3,375 $0 $3,375.00
Fall 2 6 $6,750 $100.00 $6,850.00
Spring 2 6 $6,750 $100.00 $6,850.00
Summer 2 3 $3,375 $0 $3,375.00
Totals 30 $32,750 $475 $34,225

Note: These amounts are subject to change as per University of Maryland policies.