Courses for the onsite programs may not be taken online. Onsite courses include those for JPSM MS and PhD programs.

The Ph.D. in Survey Methodology is designed for students seeking a career in research or university teaching requiring knowledge of theories and applications in one or more key disciplines. It will equip its graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to create methodologies for the collection and analysis of quantitative data suitable for statistical inference to large populations. The core Ph.D. seminars provide students with exposure to cutting edge research issues in the field. The courses of study designed by the student and the advisory committee will create intellectual bridges between survey methodology and more traditional disciplines with a focus on seeking knowledge to improve surveys.

Two specialty areas are available to choose from:

  • Statistical Science
  • Social Science

The statistical science area is designed for students who wish to specialize in topics such as sample design, estimation associated with data from complex samples, variance estimation, and statistical adjustments for missing data.

The key components of the Ph.D. program are:

  • An advisory committee that will assist the student in tailoring a program of study permitting the student to demonstrate both theoretical and applied knowledge and skills in the conduct of research in an area of survey methodology.
  • A set of doctoral courses in key areas of survey methodology and statistics as well as in a basic discipline from which survey methodology draws.
  • A qualifying examination in theory and methods of survey methodology.
  • A comprehensive examination to assess whether a student has sufficient knowledge and creativity to complete a dissertation.
  • Completion of a dissertation to demonstrate research skills.

Note: online courses may be used as electives in the JPSM MS and PhD degree programs.  Required courses for those degrees may not be taken online

Qualifier Exam Policy

Comprehensive Exam Policy