It is clear, more than ever, good data collection has a scientific base, and if applied correctly will lead to better results -- in public opinion, social science research, public policy, to name just a few.

Our faculty member Katherine Abraham recently led the Murray-Ryan Commission which studied how best to strengthen and expand the use of administrative and other process data to evaluate the effectiveness of federal programs and tax expenditures. It is such initiatives, as well as the fast increase in digital information (often referred to as Big Data), that lead JPSM to add a third track in Data Science beginning in Fall 2017. At the core of what JPSM students learn is a careful look at data and errors in the data generating process that will serve our students well, no matter where they work or what their titles will be.  

JPSM graduates have jobs throughout the survey research industry and have had a particular impact on the Census Bureau and the Federal Statistical System. We invite you to learn more about JPSM and the exciting new programs we have to offer.


Frauke Kreuter
Director & Professor
Joint  Program in Survey Methodology
University of Maryland

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