Class Location Course Code Course Name Semester
Onsite SURV 632 Cognition, Communication and Survey Measurement Fall 2020
Onsite SURV 740 Fundamentals of Inference Fall 2020
Onsite SURV410 Introduction to Probability Theory Fall 2020
Onsite SURV420 Theory and Methods of Statistics Spring 2020
Onsite SURV440 Sampling Theory Spring 2020
Onsite SURV450 Regression and Variance Analysis Fall 2018
Onsite SURV615 Statistical Modeling I Fall 2020
Onsite SURV616 Statistical Methods II Spring 2020
Onsite SURV617 Applications of Statistical Modeling Fall 2020
Onsite SURV621 Fundamentals of Data Collection I Fall 2020
Onsite SURV622 Fundamentals of Data Collection II Spring 2020
Onsite SURV625 Applied Sampling Spring 2020
Onsite SURV630 Questionnaire Design and Evaluation Spring 2020
Onsite SURV632 Cognition, Communication and Survey Measurement Fall 2019
Onsite SURV640 Survey Practicum I Fall 2018
Onsite SURV641 SURV Practicum II Fall 2018
Onsite SURV650 Economic Measurement Fall 2020
Onsite SURV662 An Introduction to Small Area Estimation Fall 2018
Onsite SURV672 Introduction to the Federal Statistical System and to the Survey Research Profession Fall 2018
Onsite SURV6990 Nonresponse Indicators in Responsive Design Surveys Fall 2018
Onsite SURv699A Categorical Data Analysis Fall 2018
Onsite SURV699B Special Topics in Survey Methodology: Introduction to Survey Sampling Fall 2018
Onsite SURV699C Special Topics in Survey Methodology; Big Data in Immigration Research Spring 2020
Onsite SURV699C Cross-Cultural and Multipopulation Survey Research Fall 2018
Onsite SURV699F Special Topics in Survey Methodology: The Psychology of Survey Response Fall 2018