Pre-production Survey

Generally, this type of job may include questionnaire development, cognitive interviewing, or conducting focus groups.

The Junior Fellow's role will primarily be as a data analyst and test administrator to help launch new research using eye tracking software. The Junior Fellow will work on activities related to the Schools and Staffing Survey (SASS) redesign.  She/he will assist in the conceptualization and the administration of an exploratory study that examines the audio/videotapes of cognitive interviews conducted with newly developed SASS questions.  As time permits, the Junior Fellow will work on any or all steps of this study:  conducting a literature review, developing a coding system, coding interviews, analyzing the codified data, and writing up the results of the study.

The Junior Fellow may support the analysis on the National Household Education Study (NHES) feasibility study data. Activities may include a literature review of collecting birthday/age followed by analysis of the two screener versions previously tested, or a similar project around the household rostering. The Junior Fellow may support the National Teacher and Prinicipal Survey (NTPS) where we will be preparing a pilot test of some different instrument designs. Activities may include assisting in literature review, development of instruments, and questionnaire development to measure teacher professional development, and helping out with some cognitive interview lab analysis.

The Junior Fellow will work with staff in the Questionnaire Design Section to design reimbursable surveys.  She/he will assist with editing web surveys on iPADS; assist with creating standardized spreadsheet formats for distribution to print mail centers, data collection centers, and regional field offices; and help test Microsoft Word 13 on the Questionnaire Repository System.


Pre-production Statistics

Generally, this type of job may include sampling, or frame construction.

This fellowship will include work to improve frame coverage of dependent agencies and analysis of the Government Units Survey characteristics. The Junior Fellow's duties will include using SAS to analyze the Government Units Survey and using research skills to locate dependent agencies that will improve the frame of governments.

The Junior Fellow worked with sampling frame development at the U.S. Census Bureau. She/he helped manage and maintain the universe of government units. A complete sampling frame is essential for the success of the Census of the Governments.


Production Survey

Generally, this type of job may include aiding with project management, troubleshooting, or conducting interviewer training.

The Junior Fellow's role will be primarily as a data collector and data analyst.

The Junior Fellow worked on a survey management team. She/he tested a survey instrument and summarized Field Representative (FR) feedback. She/he also debugged a SAS program to analyze interview times from audit trail files.

The Junior Fellow worked with the Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP) Survey team at the U.S. Census Bureau. Much of what she/he did related to the field staff who were administering the survey--summarizing Field Representative (FR) feedback, going through FR notes in the instrument, and conducting interviews of FRs in hopes of improving retention. She/he also tested the survey instrument for bugs and glitches and participated in systems and verification tests.


Production Statistics

Generally, this type of job may include sample release, production monitoring.


Post-production Survey

Generally, this type of job may include data cleaning, writing methodology reports or analysis.

We are currently working toward revamping our website and doucmentation to better assist data users. The Junior Fellow will be responsible for identifying unclear documentation and areas where publicly available data do not meet data users needs. He/she will assist in rewriting user manuals, creating new datasets/variables, and helping end users accomplish their goals/analyses.


Post-production Statistics

Generally, this type of job may include weighting, imputing missing data, writing technical reports, conducting confidentiality and deidentification checks, or analyzing data.

The Junior Fellow would work on projects related to measuring GDP, the national income, and product accounts. He/she will learn how GDP is constructed and will assist with projects designed to improve the quality of the GDP statistics and the estimation process. He/she will also assist with preparing analysis materials for the 2014 National Income and Product Accounts (NIPA) annual revision.

The Junior Fellow will assist with the imputation of Product Line Data for the Economic Census. This will include running programs using SAS or R and analyzing and summarizing diagnostic statistics.

The Junior Fellow will work with the Bureau of Justice Statistics's (BJS) Recidivism/Special Projects Unit, assisting staff with analytical work related to the BJS National Crime Statistics Exchange (NCS-X) project and its National Recidivism Program. The Junior Fellow will assist in a wide-range of activities including statistical analysis of the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) and/or criminal history data (using SPSS, SAS, or R) and writing topical and technical reports, which may be tailored to the Junior Fellow’s interests and training.