Financial Aid
A variety of financial assistance is available to qualified JPSM students in the form of graduate research assistantships, teaching assistantships, internships at federal statistical agencies and University of Maryland awarded fellowships. Students interested in being considered for financial aid must note this on their application for graduate admission.
Admission to the program is a prerequisite for the award of a research assistantship or a fellowship. Some awards are made based on the applicant's academic merit, others on the basis of need. Detailed information on types of financial assistance is available in the Graduate School catalog or by calling the Office of Student Financial Aid at (301) 314-8313.
Fee Waiver Information & Eligibility (Note that only domestic students are eligible)
The University of Maryland Graduate School waives application fees to eligible students in participating programs.  The list of participating programs and eligibility information can be found on the UMD Graduate School website here.